Sort out a jumble

Hello,I am importiing many .obj (single meshes and groups) all at once, that need to be respaced out from the original
import point.I am trying rhinonest which should work but if everything is at 0,0,0 and everything is inside of each other
it will not separated the the meshes… the meshes become trapped inside of another and excluded from nesting calulation.
-offset by bounding box?

maybe jarek’s script arraycrvplus could help

ahhhhh!-. right on it.
Thanks.will try it out.

You can try this quickie script hack… --Mitch (696 Bytes)

I will try this in the morn. need coffe…ee
Thanks Mitch

Mitch that work absolutely wunderbar. Thank you.
1000+ meshes and very very fast liittle script.