Sort list using two points

I have two groups of points. I´m trying order those groups using a value of one point that ever group, but sort list node tell me that the keys and the value list have differents lenghts. I have two points values and two groups. How can i do to equality both lengths?

You need multiple keys in the same path so they can be sorted. You understand that?

Please post your Grasshopper file with the relevant inputs internalised. It’ll be easier to provide help.

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Thanks a lot. I attach the file.

I don’t understand yet what you want to sort.

Can you create a sketch or explain the expected result? (31.0 KB)

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I am testing with two groups but i have several groups.
I think that your solution is right.
Thanks so much.

Did you look at the file in my post above?

Here it is again: (26.7 KB)

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Thanks so much

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Glad I was able to help.