Sort/Export Mesh RGB Color to Excel


I’m trying to find a way to sort and export mesh color values to excel to match how I’ve sorted the mesh centerpoints by columns from left to right. This way I would have a list of their location and color that match how I read it on screen (see the below excel which is what I’m trying to achieve). Do I need to re-map the mesh faces somehow before going through the color process? I have been able to use the tag component successfully but can’t export that information. Any help would be greatly appreaciated!

Mesh Color Study.3dm (8.6 MB)
Mesh Color (695.9 KB)

This outta do it…
MCol and Area are where you left off. Anything outside purple group is added by me.

Or this, similar to Will_Wang’s solution… :slight_smile:

Mesh Color (708.1 KB)

@Will_Wang and @Jakinta thank you so much! These both work like a charm! Exactly what I needed!