Sort Data in a branch based on data in the same branch

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a visualization of some excel data. I need group Item 0 of each branch based on the data of Item 2. I’m attaching a screen shot and relevant files for clarification - it’s a bit hard to explain verbally.

If anyone has any suggestions, I’d really appreciate it. Thank you!
Sorting (10.9 KB)

Same unreadable image twice? That’s confusing… (P.S. The image is readable if you download it.)


Can you please internalize the data you want to sort so we all don’t need that plugin?

How do I internalize data? I’m referencing data from an excel sheet…

Sorry - this might be clearer. I’m trying to connect between two sets of points - one set at the top, and one set at the bottom. Because I have an uneven number of top points and bottom points, the remaining top points are connecting into the bottom right point.

I want to group a certain number of points from the top and assign it to a specific point at the bottom. For instance, the first 6 points at the top, connect to the first point at the (11.0 KB)
Visualization.3dm (169.4 KB)

You connect a Txt param to the output of the Excel reader, right-click it and choose “Internalize data” which disconnects it from the reader component (no longer needed) and saves it when you save the file.

I didn’t want to wait so faked the data (purple group): (20.5 KB)

I haven’t downloaded these “Visualization” files but this looks like a different problem entirely?

OK, now I’ve looked. Heh, heh, no relationship at all between the two? Wow. What does the second one have to do with the first? And vice versa?

Hi Joseph - thank you for your response. I am trying to use the excel data to determine which top points connect to the bottom points. I’ll take a look at your file, it looks very promising. Thank you!

These two problems are completely different issues as far as I can see. (15.0 KB) (NOTE: re-posted with curves internalized, no need for Rhino file)

Hi Joseph - Thanks again. This is what I was trying to do (see attached). It seems very cumbersome, but I’m not sure how to clean up the definition.
180201_Visualization_Data (33.1 KB)
Visualization.3dm (169.4 KB)

Are you kidding? I’m done here.