Sort Curves Along Curve without TT Toolbox Plugin?

Hi all,

Can anyone please help on how to get the same output as ‘Sort Curves Along Curve’ (from the TT Toolbox plugin) using standard Grasshopper components? I’m running Mac and TT Toolbox plugin is only supported for Windows.

The specific user case is how it is used in the tutorial here: Grasshopper parametric design - Cambridge mosque structural timber column - YouTube

Thanks so much :smiley:

Try using the Sort Along Curve component, this sorts points along the curve so you will need to use Point on Curve and use the index output after the sort.


I was hoping to achieve a definition where inputs are ‘curves to be sorted’, ‘guide curve’, and ‘parameter along curve to be sorted from which to evaluate distance’. The outputs being the ‘sorted curves’ and ‘index of curves after sorting’… Since the TT Toolbox component gets used numerous times in the tutorial, I’d like to have a little grouped definition to substitute for it… Sorry I’m a newbie at scripting, so appreciate the patience :sweat_smile:

Hey Thomas, I’m a year late to the party but I was just trying this same tutorial and ran into the same problem. Here’s a workaround I found for you or anyone from the future who might be interested:


I’m trying the same tutorial ,and I don’t know how I can get the same output also here.
can anyone please help!