Sort circles by radius size

Just made a quick test and it is working as expected:

The next phase will be to do the same for the pockets. One think that needs to be changed there it is the fact that I do need to move outside with 6mm, the edges that are touching the exterior contour, so I will have clear cuts without rounded corner on that particular spots.

To have a better understanding of what do I need this. In the bellow pictures, into the first one are the geometries that I ordered in layers according with the kind of mechanization that deeds to be applied.

Into the second picture, you can see the result of automatic machinning assignment after importing that DXF file into the machine CAM program, Maestro. Everything that you see there (all mechanisations from the left panel) it is created automatic.

This it is a simple example, just drills and contouring, without pockets required.


  1. Provide the correct test geometry before the work is done, not after.

  2. Spend less time describing what you need and more time understanding the code you’ve been given, asking questions about how it works as necessary.

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Here it is a more complex part, that needs mechanization on both faces, the pockets are touching the exterior contour, so I moved manually the edges in contact with the contour by 6mm outside.

complex.3dm (244.8 KB)