Sorry, but 2 or 3 More Rendering and Cycles Issues

Sorry about this, but…

1.) There is an issue that HDRI environment rotation doesn’t always match from Raytraced/Cycles to any other mode capable of displaying them such as Rendered.

2.) The HDRI environment brightness can vary more than the weather, such as 1 or .2 to achieve the same brightness, depending on which machine I uses, whether or not Rhino has been restarted recently.

3.) Additionally, currently, Cycles appears incapable of rendering a Path Animation. I get the background, but nothing rendered. On the screen it renders one coarse pass, and then moves on to the next frame, like this…

I tried the samples at both 1000 and 5000, but I am getting a sample count or 1, or just the background in the file.

Perhaps I will dust off the ol’ renderer and give that a try. I didn’t strongly dislike it, it’s just that I found it challenging to get things dialed in, well that, and Cycles’s emissives rock.

The V7 beta has the same issue.

Does this happen with any of the HDRi environments that come bundled with Rhino?

I don’t understand what you mean with this. Please provide steps to reproduce issues and screenshots to illustrate

I have logged

edit: addendum: BTW, there probably won’t be that many fixes to Raytraced in v6 anymore, especially now that v7 has a greatly changed codebase of Cycles. Raytraced v6 is based on Cycles from October 2018, v7 has changes up until January 2020. Additionally many fixes have already been made in v7 that are not going to be backported to v6.

I haven’t tried an animation with an official HDRI, but I can, as soon as my animation is done.

This poor computer, perhaps I should have got the 3950x.

I found a Grasshopper animation widget, and modified the sketch to animate both the camera and the target/look-at, by adding components to dividing the target/look-at curve.

Because the widget uses the standard View-port capture, Cycles does not suffer from the same issue as with Rhino’s included entry-level animation starter widgets.

There’s a random bug, whereas if I load the same file with an environment at different times, the brightness will be different.

Not having fixes on V6, and V7 not being finished leaves us users in a irritating place. IMO V6 never became as stable as V5, and yet, bug-fixes were then hailed as a V6 feature.

I am glad glad about the inclusion of Cycles. I am sure that the interfacing with Rhino was not an easy chore. Likely some of the problems I have been having are GUI issues, like the ALT to free up the GUI. For me, Cycles was more of a renderer than a real-time renderer, I think that because the emphasis was on overall speed, and not of GUI latency.

I appreciate the opportunity to try Cycles’s emissive surfaces in Rhino. Thank you. I realize that it is a V7 beta feature. If lights could be done in real-world units people will use it for lighting design. I found a way around the limitation that I could not set a small light bright enough–by adding more of them : )

Thanks for all your responsiveness.

Possibly, this is a hard problem, and we keep regularly looking for a fix, but sofar it has been quite elusive.

My theory is: it’s a GUI problem that’s causing problems for Cycles.

I downloaded the image above to play with Denoiser, while my animation is rendering. : )

I believe all three issues are fixed in 7.7.

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