Sometimes simple could be funny as well 有时候简单的东西也可以很有趣



Use lists!


Thanks for reminding,but how?
It’s a step by step process,not flat.

Lists are not flat :slight_smile: send your file

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螺旋丸.gh (12.3 KB)
Thanks again.I haven’t figure out how to deal with it without addons.
Because it needs a loop or chain,i guess…

I see, so no plugin or no scripting? Unfortunately then that means the system isn’t scalable, nice pattern tho.

Okay,so i have to learn code or addons if i want to make it simpler. :slight_smile:

I would highly suggest to learn at least Anemone plugin for looping, simple to use and will unlock a lot of functionality for you. See here by using Anmeone how small the definition becomes, and it doesnt need copy / paste chaining. (12.4 KB)


Thank you so much!I didn’t use any loop plugin not because of willing to,just because i have not idea about which one is still functioning in rhino 7.
Installed and chenged the battery justnow,and i noticed Pufferfish,it’s cool. :smiley:

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