Something like Vlookup in excel

Hi, I have a large table like below.


Question 1- Is there any component that I can keep above data in it?
I can put it in a text file and then read it every time but I am more interested in GH equivalent

Question 2- I am wondering if there is any functionality like VLOOKUP in excel.
For an example, I am looking to enter f1 and Parameter3 and it should return “NG”.
I can do it in pyton but I am more intrested in GH equivalent.

I have Rhino 5.


How likely are you to accept GhPython as a solution for both questions?

Thanks. I am looking for GH solution not python.

Q1: If “put data in” means literally put the data into GH, instead of linking it through a TXT/CSV/XLSX, I’m afraid your only choice is Panel, which is not good for tables.

Q2: List Index + List Item should work.

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