Something like this in grasshopper?

Does something like this exist in grasshopper (see around 4-5 min in How to Create Dome in SolidWorks || SolidWorks Feature || Doom || Solidworks - YouTube)? (dome with not-circle base) I need to create lots of it from curves but, it would be a ton of clicks in solidworks

Thanks so much!


You could try a Rail Revolution. (10.4 KB)


Thanks very much!

I see the zebra stripes looks good (continuous). If I may also ask, is this wobbling in the zebra stripes normal (near bottom of picture)? I ran into this in Network Surface also

yes, it is normal

Thanks, I saw similar wobble in my models. It worries me because I thought my surface have garbage curvature!

It depends on how Fine / Detailed your Render mesh is being set at, see below:
1- Setting custom Mesh to coarse:

2- more refined mesh:

Thanks for the illustrations! My setting is two spaces behind the maximum. Pic 2 does look very smooth!

The bottom one is the “Maximum”