Something is lagging my GH

First time ever I am noticing this strange behavior in GH. Some components are clearly lagging the program. Lagging occurs even if I just add unconnected components to the canvas. There is no lag if I disable all RiR components. Maybe later I will have time to provide all files, for now only gh definition and video.

RiR - Modernizacja - filter (14.8 KB)

Turn off your preview in large projects.


check this as well



@Czaja Did this :point_up_2: solve the lagging problem by any chance?

Hi @Rickson, thank you for your suggestions, now I had time to test it again.

I used to work with much larger projects in GH and it never happened but it is the biggest Rhino Inside Revit project that I had yet.

It seems that not GH preview in Rhino is making this lag but GH preview inside Revit which looks like is refreshing every time something is changing on the GH canvas. I made another video which is showing this behavior.

I’m having a very long lag issue - just started today, but quite frustrating. Every component that I add to the canvas creates a consistently 15 min lag time - I timed it!

Any idea what could be causing this? The file is not large at all.

See this please

I’ve had this issue recently and the display off seems to help, but is there a better approach?