Someone asked me for money in a private message to solve a grasshopper problem

I have always been willing to help others and give my time, without ever expecting something in return, likewise when I post a problem on here, I do not expect to get someone asking for payment. So a little while back, I had posted a problem, and someone replied telling that they could figure out the solution - this person then sent a private message saying they wanted financial restitution in exchange for the solution.

As I was close to figuring it out, I managed to do it without paying them money… not sure if what they did is acceptable or not?


Only someone from McNeel can tell if there might be a violation of the guidelines.
But my personal opinion is that it highly depends on the manner the conversation took place. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for compensation when tasked with solving a complex problem.
“Hey I solved the problem now you have to give me money!” is, in my opinion, not acceptable (thus I was referring to the manner of conversation).

In general, I don’t really think help in this forum should be a “money-thing”. If you can provide help - do it but don’t expect something in return, if you need money, it’s a job. Make the offer in a polite manner at least.


I had asked the community for help, someone commented in the thread that they had found a solution, but instead of posting it for everyone, they user sent a private message asking to be reimbursed if I wanted their solution.

The problem was not really difficult, I was just stuck on a few points, so I managed to figure it out with the help of other users.

did they want paying in bitcoins?


In my opinion, this is not a very social behaviour inside this community. But if the person in question really needs the money / can’t give his worktime away for free, I don’t really see why they are to blame for that. Might have been better not to post in the thread but just sending some dm like “Hey I can solve it for you but unfortunately I can’t do it for free. Let me know”
As said - this is just my opinion and not something I have looked up in the community guidelines.

What I personally like about this community is that most people are very helpful without asking for compensation. Some will even go to great lengths to help or provide answers. I hope this does not change in the future. Everytime I’m on here myself I try to give something back.

I thought that is what the Jobs and portfolio section is for.