Some wishes

Some wishes:

  • cross select for sweep2rail. So to not select the two rails separately but with a cross selection.
  • osnap isolate. I have always have some osnaps selected, but sometimes I like to use one. I know this can be done for one time, but if have to copie several times only in the centre. It could be handy if the one time (alt) can be done with a on and off function to isolate an osnap.
  • one major improvement could be is a stroking function for surfaces. srfblend does this kind of but this is not always possible and not working all the time. Also when editing a blended surface (corner between two surfaces) the blend is not stroking automatically.

While working I come up for more things I think version 5 is missing.


Right-click the checkbox you want in the Osnap panel. That will turn on just the one you want and others off. When done, right-click on the same checkbox again and the previous active osnap collection will be restored. Works in V5.

HTH, --Mitch

Ok, I made all the combinations with keyboard and mouse…I though. Thanks a lot. So that wish has already been fulfilled

Hey, since you working on new product, my idea to upgrade workflow in Rhino would be a search box in Layer tab. I’m always struggling with digging through thousand layers and it killing me. Best!

If you click on the funnel icon in the Layer pallet, filtered layers, in the Match: box enter the text you want to search for.


Hi Patrick - I’m not sure what this means - can you provide an example?



yes I know that, but it doesn’t speed up your workflow at all…It should me more like in Photoshop where searchbox is always on top and you can type single character/sign and it’s filtering list of layers up to date in order to that character

Thanks Pascal, Attached is one of the common situations I have to deal with. I have to do a new blend if I moved (upper control points moved) a part of the surface, like the last object showing. The blend is not stroking anymore.

There are more things like this, maybe this is just the way Rhino works. On rebuilding parts after a fast change of surfaces.

Hi Patrick - BlendSrf and MatchSrf can be used with History in V6/WIP, I’m not sure if that handles your request…


Hi Pascal, Thanks for you reply. I know these commands, but unfortunately this not always works. I hope I can have a situation to show soon.