Some Wishes

  • CollpaseMeshVertex/Edge/Face - could we have more than one undo step?

  • Align / ToCurve - could it work for Mesh vertices too? At the moment I can do this by converting to a SubD, aligning, and then back to a mesh again.

  • I would also hesitantly wonder whether a MeshFaceEdgeVertex toggle would be possible… again, to do something similar at the moment is possible by making into a SubD, doing the selection and action, then ExtractControlPolygon again.

  • Intersect between Polysurface and SubDFace (sub object selected)

  • BringToFront for Controls (Cage edit curves etc.)

  • ControlPointsInFront is a test command which I’ve found super useful recently. Wonder if an extended version for curves could work too? Or perhaps, just for BringToFront to give the points of a ‘brought to front’ curve higher priority.

  • BringInFrontOf - select a source, select a target to bring in front of.

  • Could Picture objects be BringToFront/SentToBack? Currently they don’t appear to be able to make use of those commands.

you can just physically move them as needed (or use a named position) …how would this be different?

CollpaseMeshVertex has an internal undo. If you run the command once, and collapse 10 vertices, you can only undo one with the command line undo. If you Ctrl-Z after finished in the command, you undo all the collpases. So you can either undo one or all. If you Imagine if you could pick 10 points with the lasso select tool, but only undo one step back with the command line Undo.

Not yet - it works for SubDs, but doesn’t translate to meshes. Select faces from a mesh cube, use SubDFaceEdgeVertex toggle. It does nothing (as expected, it’s a mesh and not a SubD).

Morph Controls / control objects are what’s created when you run Cage Edit. I had some visibility issues trying to see a control which was a curve, and realised BringToFront doesn’t apply to this object type, it seems.

If you have quite a few objects, then rather than running BringForward repeatedely, it seems logical to be able to select the ‘thing’ you want to BringInFront of. Maybe it will be one to try and script instead.

Nope - not yet. Tested in today’s new WIP. Intersect a Box Polysurface with a SubD Sphere. Subobject select a SubD Sphere sphere face that intersects the polysurface, and the polysurface. Zero intersections will be found.

thanks for the clarification-
I’ll dig into this a bit more and write up some reports-

looks like there is a pre-pick error in the intersect tool…

if you prepick it fails…

if you post pick the same objects it works- this is a bug. will write it up!

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Thanks Kyle. The point Tim makes about CollapseMeshVertex seems reasonable, that it wouldn’t be worthwhile if it made the command unstable.

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RH-59900 is fixed in the latest WIP

RH-59899 is fixed in the latest WIP