Some Tune Ups?

Cage Edit
So when we deform something with Cage Edit, the wireframe deforms immediately, and presumably the meshing catches up after the mouse click release. Would it make sense to have an option to pause the meshing, so that you can in essence do the pushing and pulling to your hearts desire, and then get the meshing going. For such a long time the expected/normal workflow/behavior has been drag things around - wait - wait - drag a bit more - wait - wait - until happy. Maybe this behavior could be available just in wireframe mode, for example. As it would be if you were filleting one edge on a complex object (it would have to refresh and remesh the object each time).

Gumball Scale Mode - Should this exist on the Gumball Context menu?

do your cage editing in wireframe mode, it will remesh when you shade it again.

gumabll scale mode…are you referring to 1d vs 3d scaling?

that’s controlled with a shift key hold while dragging a scale handle.

Yes, if you move your cage handles around the wires do update live. But when you release, it will hang even in Wireframe. Wouldn’t it be nice for it to just hang once once you’ve dragged something into shape, in those simple cases where you can just about judge from the silhouette lines whether you’ve deformed as needed?

I guess it would just be one more piece of clutter though.

Edit: Hmm, I was being unfair. I was Cage Editing then Flowing with History. Duh, no wonder it was hanging eh.

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