Some SubD command icons missing but listed in the Help?

A search in help shows icons for InsertEdge, InsertPoint, Fill, Reflect, AppendToSubD. However, I can’t find them in the WIP7 SubD toolbar or tab. (7.0.20084.11445, 3/24/2020) Am I missing something?

If you have customized your toolbar, save it first, then do a _ToolbarReset


I’m not understanding this process. That command resets all toolbars not just the SubD. I have a lot of customizations I don’t want to lose. I’m not sure how to save them. (rui?) And after the reset, would not bringing them back put be back where I was with the same custom interface with the missing icons?

It resets all factory-default toolbars.

Figured it out. Restored my saved toolbars after the reset, closed and reopened SubD and the icons were there.