Some questions resolved

Hola forum, I watched Miaia Holzman’s last webinar. Got some good info that helped me. I like to work with diameter when putting a radius on things. My preference. So, Maia showed how the people of Rhino have have used the /. Symbol for divide. Now if I have 3.25" dia circle I type in 3.25/2 and gives radius needsd. Also tried it on line both sides. 25.35"/2 gives equal amount both sides of a center point on a line.
Probably known to many and now me

Hi Mark - in the Circle command, there is a command line option to enter the diameter rather than the default Radius. This option is sticky at least within a session but in any case can be macro-ed.

! _Circle _Pause _Diameter


I will give it a try next time ,thanks