Some questions from an IT that is new in Rhino

Hi. I have some clients that I manage who use Rhino 7 with Vray. I have some questions about proper file layout and a bug I have seen.

First of all, the bug. Almost all my clients keep their custom materials linked to a network SMB share. That way they share a root address for the materials \server\materials. I tried to move them on a sync type client because many of them work offsite (like Dropbox but custom) through a VPN but here is the problem. If rhino tries to open a file that has link in a local network share and the share exists in the network rhino will load indefinitely because when it tries to connect to the share the server answers but asks for a Username and Password, something that rhino is not ready to answer, and it does not seem to have timeout for linked material loading.

1stQ) Because of that bug I would love a way to open filles ignoring the linked materials so my clients can relink them through the new system. Is there a way like that because in my research I have not found anything.

2ndQ) What is the proper way or file structure of material file storage? Should they have each material locally in a folder on their C drive that should be sync so rhino always searches in c:/mats/ for example or is there documentation for a proper material storage structure on network etc.?