Some question about Bella render

  1. Can it support clipping plane for interior scense with sun light or outdoor light to clip it?

  2. Any pre-made material collection?

  3. How can I use ies lighting?

  4. How can I install on rhino 6 on windows 7.

thank you very much!

Hi l1407,

  1. Bella has render-time booleans, but not yet hooked directly to clipping planes; for example, I will cut using the red box (it could be any geometry with any material):

First, using the Remove mode:

Next, using the Subtract mode:

  1. Bella does not yet have a premade material collection (but we have a very easy to use material named Bella Quick material, and good support for PBR texture sets)

  2. you can set a path to an IES on Rhino spotlights:


  1. Bella will install for Rhino 6/7/8 (it will install for any present on the machine), but we do not officially support windows 7 – it may work, but we neither test nor officially support it

If you like, please feel free to join our Discord (the link is in my forum profile) to chat in a more interactive way.

Thank you very much for reply! and,

How can I distributed Rendering on rhino?

(I replied to you on our discord before seeing this post here, but to not leave this thread unanswered, it is done using a 3rd-party render farm manager like Deadline)

Many thank for your reply. I will try it (much complicated), but I want that the distributed rendering is a important function on my projects (using in still image, not animation). I use it many year and very stable.