Some Problerm about BrepTrims

In RhinoCommon API reference, BrepTrim is drived from Rhino.Geometry.CurveProxy. So BrepTrim is just an Special Curve,。
But When I Using C# code to get all of Trim of the Brep’s . The Output is Plane, It trouble me for a long time. anyone know somethime about this? Thanks @dale

Hi @1056960357,

A trim curve is a 2-D curve.

– Dale

Thanks for your quick reply, @dale
But If Trim curve is a 2-D curve, Why It change to an Plane in C# Code Component Output?

Hi @1056960357,

Your code produces this (or something similar):

Are you not seeing this?

– Dale

Hi @dale
En… It puzzle me. the Code in your C# component is just brep.Trims?
I think there must be have something wrong.
But I using brep.Trims, It actually just output Plane, and not Line-like Curve.
The Picture at below show the Code and the resultes

Rhino Version:6.3
Grasshopper Version: 31 March 2018 00:47

But I Run the same Code on my brothers Computer , the result is the same with You!!!:scream::scream::scream:. Why???

Hi @1056960357,

Can you post GH file and any associated 3dm file that you are confused about?

– Dale

Thank You for your Attentation, @dale

The Surface in 3dm (aka: Test(20190524).3dm)file is Create using Srfpt Command


.gh file: Test gh file(20190524).gh (5.5 KB)
3dm File: Test(20190524).3dm (62.5 KB)
Video Demo:

Your code is correct.( Rhino Version:6.15.19120.11531)

Hi @603419608
Maybe That is an Bug of Rhino 6 Version 6.3
I have never get this problem at other version Rhino