Some polysurfaces are not shaded

i everyone, I’m working on a very large project, and suddenly this type of problems are appearing in some of my polysurfaces:

On the left are the polysurfaces as I see them, even after I copied them from the large file and pasted them in a new layer. On the right, are the same objects after the explode command, just so you see how it SHOULD look.
They where fine when I created them, they started looking like that now. They are valid polysurfaces. nothing weird…
Door.3dm (711.0 KB)

I also get this weird “ghost surfaces” that appear or disappear depending on the viewing angle, and they are unselectable.

Hi Alejandro - Use RefreshShade on these objects… for some reason the render meshes are offset from the actual geometry…


That worked prefectly, thanks!
Do you know why this can happen? is just a display problem right?