Some pointers needed on materials application in shaded view and tutorials

Just wondering if I can find a tutorial or get some advice on how to apply e.g an off white canvas image to a surface in SHADED view. I dont have time to do the deep exploration of materials and textures and find out the difference and suss how to get really clever with them right now, but a quick look on youtube and every tut is talking of rendered view and Vray., and V6 when I am V5.

If I use rendered view all the various layer colours I am using to differentiate my many parts will be lost.

I need a tut on materials and textures and a beginners guide to using them in SHADED view.

Is Vray what I need in V5, is Vray essential in this task or what ?

Just could do with a starter overview on what one needs etc and why.

I also was watching the brick wall material, or is it texture ? and it never actually was made to look correct. I understood the cylinder or sphere etc application tools, but a rectangular wall would need a texture applying to each surface and fiddling with until the bricks on top WERE what we would see marrying up to those in the top course, likewise the end. I would suggest the planar mapping tool not the block.

I have a need to apply Photoshop created artwork of stencils and markings onto a cylinder in SHADED view. If I have to use rendered view it will take me forever to material up all the various different components. I have run out of time as it is for handing over the project but need to show these markings on it. I understand that if I make the artwork the exact right size of the surface it will immediately fit.


I’m pretty certain that the only thing you can do in Shaded view is assign a display color - either by object or by layer of course. Vray is a renderer, and so you would then need to go down the same materials rabbit hole you’re hoping to avoid. All the questions you’re having about things like material mapping (bricks and such) and stencils/markings are again only things you’d have access to either through a renderer, or in rendered mode.

Hi @Steve1
I don’t recall if SetObjectDisplayMode is a thing in V5 or if it was added for V6 - but if it is, you could force the needed object(s) into Rendered while maintaining the rest of the geometry in shaded. If not, there’s always Photoshop/GIMP/Photo-editing-weapon-of-choice.
HTH, Jakob