Some more R8 UI glitches


  1. Rhino Options > Toolbars > check maybe “Group: Mesh Sidebar (4 tabs)”
    The Toolbar groups appears. Close the group (x). The checkmark should disappear in the toolbar list, too.

  2. Rhino Options > Toobars > check “Group: Mesh Sidebar (4 tabs)”
    Toolbar group appears. Close the Options dialog. Open it again. The Options dialog is modal, and thus does not allow to close that Mesh toolbar group. Why was this possible under 1) ?

  3. Rhino Options > Toolbars > menus do not open when hovering. The main menus do, however.

  4. On numerous places, opening some settings in the UI (like units, or menu Render > Render Properties) opens the Options dialog at the desired entry.
    The toolbar dialog however, has an entry in the Options dialog, but also a second one kind of ‘standalone’, without the Options dialog. That’s strange somehow. Is this by design?

  5. The beloved cogwheel… do we really need it? Why not ditch it completely and invoke the menu by a simple right click on the container’s title bar or empty space?

  6. The cogwheel menu does not close by pressing ESC. The main menus do.

  7. The menu that opens with a right click on this container
    cannot be closed by pressing ESC, too.

  8. What’s not possible in 5) is possible in 7) - opening the menu by right clicking.



After installing 8.4.24009.13521, the options dialog looks like this:


Thanks @Eugen

RH-79678 Make checkbox follow change when closing a toolbar

RH-79680 Closing already floating toolbars when Options are open

RH-79681 Menu in Options > Toolbars behaves differently

I think this is a left over from the change that was made.
RH-79682 Window > Toolbars should open the Options dialog

Removing it means it is less obvious/discoverable. Beside that, removing the cogwheel can also mean there is no place to click on when the container is less wide (e.g. with a long name or with multiple tabs)

RH-79683 Popup menus should close when hitting Esc key

Well it is, kind of, if there is enough space left of …

I don’t see the same here, but there’s certainly something glitchy going on:

RH-79684 Options dialog glitch

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RH-79518 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 4 Release Candidate

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Rhino Options > Mouse > Viewport Context Menu panel:



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Thanks for posting this. Was just about to do it myself!

FileExplorer > hamburger menu:

  1. incomplete dark theme (even after restart).

  2. Flickering during resize:

I see that here, thanks

I could not repeat that here. It refreshes correctly here even without a restart.

I could not repeat that one either
pls run _SystemInfo and post back the results.