Some more printing issues

Objects are visible through my section:

I think the vector display modes are doing it.

I also have this going on:

If I have lots of stuff visible in the view it happens. If I hide everything I don’t need then I can work around it.

This is happening when I use multiple clipping planes and section styles:

I can share this file privately but won’t post it to the forum.

Hi Keith -

That’s a requirement, yes.

If it’s not possible to provide a simple file that can be shared publicly and that shows an issue, please simply use to report those issues.

Seeing the file is key here.

But, if I had to guess, there is a very large (distance) object in the scene or an object very far away from the objects being viewed.

More often then not this is the z buffer of the video card getting stretched out so far that there is not enough levels to sort the objects order correctly. The result is display bleed thru.

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I broke the file down a bit so it should narrow down the problem.

Note: As I type this I’m experimenting. Putting the section styles into raster display modes and only using vector for outlines is producing better results. The hollow section effect might be the only thing I’m not able to work around at the moment.

creating the hollow effect:

This goes away if I remove the CAD import or HideInDetail in the Monochrome view:

But then I get this:

I don’t think I had these issues before.

Printing Glitches Test File.3dm (4.8 MB)

Update: Putting everything I can into Raster is helping. But I still get that hollow effect:



This looks like a Monochrome display mode issue. If the view is set to shaded it seems to work. Is the same on the test computer?

It might be related to any vector display mode. Maybe on the weekend I can test it out some more. All I really need is a mode that gets me my vector lines for anything cut/projected (without the hollow effect). Everything else can be raster. Once I find that I can side-step any of the weird combinations.

When looking in the shades mode in the normal vieport is it closed? I am trying to determine when it breaks on the machine. I see in the viewport in monochrome but not in shaded. If that is true on the test computer we know we find the same problem.

Hi Keith -

As you say, there are several things going on here.
I’ve put the section hatch issue on the list as RH-82141 Print: Vector: Section Hatches not Clipped

The “CAD import” appears to be suffering from leaking hatches → RH-82143 Print: Vector: Hatch leaks in perspective

On the list as RH-82145 Print: Vector: Clipped objects appear open

As of now, I think the only “work-around” would be to print a technical display mode view to PDF and import that PDF file, then clean up the curves that are not wanted.