Some mesh objects missing from viewport V7 - why?

same file, same viewport…

V6 the pictures on walls are displayed, in V7 they are missing, (They are there but just dont displayed)

other mesh objects in scene are displayed ok so why are the wall pictures missing from viewport?

Probably because the textures (images) weren’t saved with the file. You need to check this box when saving to keep images/textures:


not the case I am afraid…but thank you… I have added file for test… I am sure something silly… But I am having many issues with V7 display hence why I have asked

test1.3dm (16.3 MB)

In that file, where the ‘pictures’ on the walls are supposed to be, I just see two rectangles (curves, not surfaces). If it was a picture, there would be a surface there, even if the image was not saved in the file…

Ah, wait - I was expecting Picture objects (which show up in all display modes). I put it in rendered mode and the textures showed up. They are not Picture objects, just textures applied to the meshes. I didn’t see the objects at first because i have mesh wires turned off in my Shaded mode.

Edit#2 - And I just figured out why you can’t see them in normal display modes. The block instances that disappear are on Layer0 - which you have set to completely transparent.

wow! sorry to give you a challage!
So I guess this is new in 7 (transparency) - I didnt change it so something has come across this way from 6.

thank you so much for saving my sanity…

Yep, and this is going to trip up a number of people. That and the possibility of per-face-colors on polysurfaces make for some new and interesting object/layer color issues that will take some getting used to.