Some MatchSrf goodies in the WIP

You’re just showing off now! Seriously, that is a real eye opener. Thanks for the tease, Pascal.

Thanks Pascal. Now I have excitement!

That’s definitely a little WOW :slightly_smiling: Just one thing… Can we have G3 continuity?


Wow! That’s impressive. Thanks for sharing that.


[quote=“Philip, post:4, topic:29938”]
… Can we have G3 continuity?
[/quote]Hmm - I don’t know how big a deal it is to add g3 matching - @lowell - any thoughts?


And now we need a history panel where we can open the history settings for the surface…

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Not impossible, but I’m probably not going to get to it right away

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Is this on the Feb 23 WIP? Can’t seem to get this to work.

Hi Nick - which part? To allow matching to a curve you need to turn that on at the command line.



I realize I’m one WIP behind…
Yes I caught the command line switch and I was able to MatchSrf to an isocurve. But was unable to get the history features working.
DL’ing the latest WIP, maybe that’s the problem.

Hi Nick - the isocurve -History connection is pretty new. It may not be in that build.


Most impressive and I can see that becoming very valuable. I’ve got a challenge for you: how’s about inserting a chine in a surface the location of which is independent of the surface’s isoparms? I’ve been trying to achieve that but can only seem to get a chine (in ORCA) to follow the surfaces’ isoparms. I understand why this takes place on a low level, but would truly like to place a chine anywhere i wish regardless of isoparm location.

Good point Rob. I second this.

Very nice.
Personally, this is the single V6 improvement with the biggest potential impact on my workflow.
It would be nice to see the CV structure of the matched surface (especially in the projection match scenarios)

Now just add g3 matching, the possibility to manipulate endpoint alignment, explicit surface controls (cv/spans) and a function to do 4 sided matches…
I know, a lot to ask for, but one can dream.

Cheers, Norbert


Great, thanks! :slightly_smiling:




That looks pretty cool. Would it be possible (as a display ‘trick’) to nominate portions of a surface to one side of an isocurve or projected curve to display transparent or ghosted? Then you could get a very good, non-destructive preview of your work, and still have full access to all control points and edges.

Also, if your surface ‘fell off’ the end of said curve after editing, the display could revert to showing the surface ‘solid’ in its entirety, alerting you to the fact that you no longer have a complete intersection.

:frowning: I don’t think I’ve explained myself very well there…

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Wow, great job! Very cool new development and a very useful one too.

Wow, great new feature!
Would be very nice, if "OffsetCrvOnSrf" would support history like this aswell

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Ok, so this is from 2016… and I just checked the Rhino 7 WIP, and I didn’t see a G3 in MatchSrf.

Since I already created a similar thread which deals with Rhino being unable to re-create the state of surfaces/curves before history is broken due to tool limitations, I believe this is another case since Blendsrf does G3 but Matchsrf still doesn’t?