Some lines extending past detail viewports in layout SVG output

One one of my layouts, I have two adjacent detail viewports which should crop to isolated views of two parts of the same drawing.

When I go to the Save As/Print preview dialog, the details appear correctly. However, when I Save as .svg, the dashed lines and joined open curves extend past the detail crop boundary. The other open- and closed-curve lines and the hatches crop properly.

I tried putting a new viewport window showing a blank part of the drawing in the space in between, but the outcome is the same.

Any ideas/thoughts would be appreciated

Hello - please post an example file or, if confidential, send to, with a link back here in your comments.


ATKINS_2D-LinesDetail.3dm (1.04 MB)

The layout in question is A-303-2

I see that, thanks.
RH-66936 SVG prints too much


Hi Pascal, just wondering if any thoughts on this?

I tried using a viewport to a solid-fill hatch on the layout to cover the space in between the drawings, but the lines still showed up beyond the bounds of the detail box.

Should I assume that for now, the only way to assure proper cropping is to make a different layout for each detail, with the layout size the exact same size as the viewport detail?


Hi ian - I do not have a better idea I’m afraid. I cannot get anything to block the extra lines either.


ok thanks. hopefully will be fixed in a future release!

Update to Phantom Lines in cropped-drawing SVGs problem. Still an issue and in Rh 8 seems to affect linetypes which weren’t previously.

What’s happening is that in some layouts, the detail window(s) are not cropping lines and hatches that extend beyond the detail window in the SVG output, even though the layout and the Save-As SVG preview show it that way.

As the previous postings show, it was logged as a bug and scheduled for Rhino 7, then Rhino 8, and I guess now it’s been pushed further off. Previously the issues I had involved dashed and joined lines, but I now have some layouts where regular open-curve lines and hatches are now showing the same “breakout” behavior.

I do have a workaround for the relative handful of layouts that are affected, but just wanted to flag this up again.