Some LayerStateManager options are unavailable via Command Line?

I’m trying to write a quick macro to help with creating drawings.

I’ve created a Layer structure and set Layout/Detail visibility through the LayerStateManager and exported that .lay file.

I then (in a new file) have a macro to import that .lay file and restore it. However, it appears that the layout/detail visibility settings are not restored - is that correct?

Hello - that sounds like it should work. I’d think. What’s the macro?


Once the .lay has been imported, and the macro finishes, I can manually Restore and the detail visibility responds. Just not during the macro-driven Restore.

This is in V5, btw.

Hi Declan - it is not working as I expect so far…

@declan - you may need to run the command twice in your macro - I have not tested it but it occurred to me (woke up screaming in the middle of the night) that the import may not complete until the command finishes, then launch it again in the same macro, to restore the imported state.


Now all of a sudden it’s working. Not sure what changed.

So my next question would be - how would I script a view change to a particular Layout? I’ve tried saving the layout as a NamedView, but that doesn’t work.