Some ideas to improve Make2D

I usually use the command make2D For me it is one of the most useful commands in Rhino.

I beg you to improve as it gives several lines, some are cut, and often have to touch. I think it is a very useful command but needs improvement.

It would be interesting a couple of points:

Signs: Allow customize a field for the command to draw each of the views, write below it the text that the user enters. Example: Top view, Elevation view, …

Multiple Pieces: On many occasions I need to get the drawings of hundreds of pieces to make drawings of each. I have to go selecting piece by piece. Interesting would be to select a hundred pieces and draw the command four views of each. Customizing the user to indicate the distance between the centers of each complex views.

Example: I have 100 pieces and 100 A4 format in Top view. The distance between the centers of the A4 is 300mm I want one drawing every 300mm to coincide with the formats. Rhino draw 4 views of 100 single pieces in the centers of the A4.

Views: It would be interesting to select which views the user wants, because in my case, I am very interested to get plan, elevation, view right and left view. Sometimes I’m interested in the perspective view. I’d like to put an option to mark a fixed perspective. For example an orthographic view. So that all the pieces I have to draw have the same point of view.
I hope this can help to improve Rhinoceros

@GregArden, can you chime in?

I am working on improving Make2d. Currently I am working on the quality of the result. In particular things like curves a being cut into many small pieces, gaps, misclassified curves etc. I am also exposing all of the hidden line drawing functionality in the SDK so script writers could easily customize to get whatever they want.

After the drawing engine is overhauled we will look at the user interface and see what we can do to make it more usefull to a wide range of users.

Dear GregArden.

I’m glad to hear it. I hope to see your progress as soon as possible!



When the drawing engine is done and it is time to look at the UI, please consider to add an option that allows, if the input geometry is grouped then the output drawing is also grouped. if this is not someone elses job to do LINK