Some help to extract length

I need to move a collection of point with a different factor in z. In order to achieve that i have this collection of curves (created from the points i need to move) with different length to use this valor as a factor of movement for each different point.

The problem is when i try to extrat the length of curves


Without the flatten option its “imposible” extract the differents lenghts

For the deffinition its a trouble because after achieve the move transformation i need to join all curves as a boundary but the flatten option change the nature of the list items so its produce a fail in the next steps

Finally the vector to extrude does not work

Sorry the bad english :stuck_out_tongue:

Solved: I flatten all the curves

I’m not quite sure I understand your problem.

If you hover with your mouse over an input or output of a component that is using branches, you will not see what’s inside the branches but only the branch structure. If you plug in a “panel” you will see the content.

You can just use the output the same way without flattening anything.