Some fancy leaves with SubD!

I’m happy to report I figured out a good way to make these fancy leaves with SubD. I made just a few simple leaf sausages, and then just stretched, bent, scaled, and jimmied around edges/vertices/faces to nudge each one into place. Then I just simple Booleaned all the SubDs with the good ol’ Boolean button, and it auto-converted them into solid closed polysurfaces, which I then FlowAlongSrf onto the bracelet.

And my computer didn’t even crash or freeze, AMAZING! Now hopefully the customer will actually like it :smiley:

shameless plug


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Nice - Just a thought, but it might be even easier starting with simple polylines describing the ‘centerlines’ of the leaves and Multipipe them - then edit.

(you’ll do it better than me…)



That part sounds interesting, but I don’t understand what you actually did. Would you like to explain/show that in a bit more detail (screen shot or short screen recording)?