Some display complaints

Please take a look at this video:

I haven’t been able to find a way to match the edge thickness from V5. I notice that the ghosted view is much closer to V5. Not sure why.

I know I’ve gone on about the tab size before, but it’s still too small. Personally, I’m too old to have the eagle eyes and steady hand required to work with those tiny tabs (and I’m not really that old!!). In previous discussions it was mentioned that an attempt is being made to have all the tabs match in size. If I take my scale and measure the tabs on the screen, the vertical tabs are 6mm wide and the horizontal are 5mm wide. Adding 1 extra millimeter to the height of the horizontal tabs would be an improvement. The vertical tabs are so short that they truncate the icons in some cases.

I agree with the concept of matching the size of the horizontal and vertical tabs, but please take the larger dimension of each and go with that.



I agree. These need to be about two (or three?) times as tall as they currently are, which would greatly improve both the UI usability and aesthetics. They just look chopped-up and painful.

I’m assuming there was a lot of thought & programming effort that went into this … but a tab should be more tab-like.

@andy I think this is for you…