Some columns are missing in the layers panel Rhino Mac

Hello there, I am using rhino in Mac and a week ago I stopped seeing some columns in the layers panel. I right-clicked to enable and disable them from the dropdown menu but that did not work. Plus the default state of all layers has alpha 0 so they are totally transparent. Here is a screenshot.

Hi - You are looking at the Layout and detail layer information panel, not the regular Layers panel. When you go to a layout, you should see that they “come to life”.
For the regular Layers panel, select the gear icon in the top right corner and check Layers.

Wow, I feel stupid :smiley: thank you so much.


So I realise the original tip was looking in the wrong place but this has happened to me this morning was totally fine yesterday, reinstalled rhino 7 still missing wip not effected please help.

Move your mouse pointer inside the Layers Panel and see if you can scroll to the right (it’s possible to make the Name column so wide you can’t see any of the other columns).

You could also also make the right sidebar wider to see if you can see the other columns.

Another option would be to use the menu to navigate to WindowFloating PanelsShow Layers Panel. This will give you the layers panel in a floating window that you can resize.

Edit: changing the column widths in a floating panel does not seem to affect the panel that is in the right sidebar.


Hi Kevin

Yes your right, it was all the way over to the right no idea how I did that user error. I figured it out last night at about 11:00pm Thanks for your reply tho, was freaking me out :rofl: