Some basic questions about architecture model

I have some basic question about creating 3D architecture. Below a simple 3D house (not a real project it’s just for my questions).

What is the best way to simulate differents ground (one per piece), the water in the pool, the glasses on the windows or simply the land ? A solid or just a surface ?

For the glasses and the water, is the height of the material has an importance for transparent materials ?

In the case I want different materials on each wall, what is the best way ?


simulate in regards of realistic rendering? if you want physically correct refraction from the water it would have to be a solid. for a flat texture without real refraction a surface will suffice, that means any non refractive material can be done with a simple surface either. but that all depends what you actually mean by simulate.

i am not aware of any layering option in rhino for textures, i believe you should prepare your texture before. implementing simple text on a surface for instance can be implemented with an extra surface and some alpha channel or a transparent png which you stack on top of the other texture.