Some areas cannot be calculated

There is an issue with some surfaces, where _area and _areaCentroid cannot be calculated with Rhino6.
With the exact same surface it works in RH5, thus it is probably a RH6 bug.

The bug also exists in rhinocommon’s AreaMassProperties.Compute()

An easy workaround is to rebuild the surface before, so I don’t really need a solution right now, I just wanted to give feedback. Here is a model with bugged surface: bugArea.3dm (44.8 KB)


Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN - Thanks! I’ve added the bug report. As another workaround, you can retrim the surface to make it work.

Thanks for the bug report. The mass properties calculation code ( area, volume, centroid, moment etc) was changed for V6. The new code is more picky about proper trim configurations and the surface you sent in has a self intersecting trim loop. The self intersection is really small but it is found and the calculation fails.

The best response here is to retrim the surface in Rhino which fixes the problem.

Although the new code is more picky and fails on some bad geometry it seems to work reliably on good geometry which is an improvement over V5.

Thanks @Vanessa & @GregArden