Some annoyance

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  1. Run Rhino: when I move the mouse on a button sometimes Rhino gives me back Tooltips, and that’s ok, I say sometimes because not at every run. Start Rhino and Tooltips are there, start Rhino again and there aren’t.

  2. From the manual:
    ‘To enable/disable all persistent object snaps
    Right-click Disable.
    All object snaps are enabled/disable.’
    Right-click Disable on Osnap Tab does nothing. It runs just in ‘Selection Filters’ Tab.

  3. If you remove Standard Toolbar from Tollbar Container it is not longer possible to restore it in the same position if not resetting or ‘removing and reinserting’ every tab. The first four tabs seem to be ‘untachables’

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PS Sorry, edit for adding my SystemInfo

SystemInfo.txt (2.1 KB)

Normally that should be a left click…

Hi Helvetosaur,
thanks for reply. The different stays in unchecking all snaps and not disabling/enabling the toolbar.
Why could be usefull… if I have got 5/6 snap modes selected and I need others, with RMB on ‘Disable checkbox’ I can disable everything and select the snaps without to have to disable each snap manually. You can use ‘One shot snap’ but it’s not the same then settings new snaps sequence. You could try in Selection Filter, also if it doesn’t preserve the old snaps clicking again. Just far memories from Rhino 3.

Right click the SNAP (e.g. End) you want to use.
All others get deselected.
If you right click again the same snap, the former selection is restored.

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Hello Charles,
thank you for correcting me about the memorization, and thanks for video, very kind of you. What do you use to record, please?

I trust they will solve RMB on Disable checkbox.

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Hi Bartle, thanks, that is annoying…

RH-80762 Osnaps - right click on Disable


Thanks a lot Pascal, I don’t believe you could remember me, but you were my first contact with Rhino 2 and 3. Nice to ‘see’ you again here.

Like I told to Nathan good job to you, I think you are busy as ever. I appreciate a lot your commitment. Best regards to all McNeel crew,

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RH-80762 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 5

Thank you very much.