Some annotation notes

When I am editing text that I have overriden, with the font being one of the overrides, as soon as I modify the text, the font will reset to the style default. All other overrides stick. This seems inconsistent.

Changing a leader in anyway breaks history, including editing text, changing the wrap size. This is more fragile that other dims, does it need to be?

Speaking of breaking history on dims, when given the broken history warning after say moving a dim, OK is highlighted as if it is the default. When I hit enter, it is as if I hit escape, and the move is canceled. I don’t think having cancel as the default is bad, but it is confusing that OK is highlighted as the default when it is not.

This one is a little obscure, but if I mirror a bit of text or a leader, the “wrap point” - the point you use to set were the text should wrap to the next line - mirrors as well. So on left justified, non mirrored text, the wrap point will be on the right. If I mirror the text, the text will still be left justified, but the wrap point will now be on the left.

I miss the case selection buttons (all lower, first cap, all caps) from earlier WIPs. These were handy for when you want to wanted to spell check then return to all caps.


I can’t duplicate this right off. I’ll try on other computers.

No, it should be better than that. Probably the only thing that should break history is moving the arrow point away from what it snapped to, right?

I see that same thing and it doesn’t strike me as a bug. But if it’s not helpful, maybe I can figure out something different.
The way it’s done is that when you mirror the text, there’s a plane containing the annotation object that gets mirrored, then, if you have DrawForward set on, the text on the new plane gets flipped around to read right.
If the old and new text are both on the same plane, I can see being able to reverse the plane. That would be the same as a move but with a different interface. If the mirror isn’t all within one plane, it’s maybe harder to figure out the right answer. I’ll have to think about that a bit.

OK. Those weren’t very popular around here so they went away quietly, partly to see if anybody cared. I’ll see what I can do about that.

Thanks for the input

I’ll send a file and font. Looking closer I think it may be happening with a specific font.

That is what I would hope for, yes.

I mostly used them to activate the spell checker, as it doesn’t look at text in all caps, but it is also helpful when copy and pasting part descriptions or notes for use in a note to get it in all caps.

Thanks Lowell,

RH-41917 is fixed in the latest WIP

RH-41912 is fixed in the latest WIP