[solved]Visual studio couldn't find "Microsoft.csharp.core.targets"

Dear all,

I’m currently using visual studio community 2017 with grasshoper assembly v6 and rhino common template v6 for rhino 5.

Once I try to create a new project, vs pop out an error window indicating couldn’t find “Microsoft.csharp.core.targets”.


Is it possible it was caused by the incompatible version for rhino5?

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I think template file is supposed to work for compiling grasshopper addons for rhino6.
And 2015 visual studio for rhino 5.

Is this issue is connected with template file only?
Do you get the same message when you try to create C# Net framework project (without any rhino stuff)?

You can compile .gha files without template too.
Just referencing rhinocommon and gh libraries and changing .dll file name into .gha while compiling in project build properties.

@Petras_Vestartas Thank you for your response.

Seems like it’s the issue from the incomplete installation of extension development.
Everything work perfectly once I reinstalled it.