[SOLVED] Unrollsrf - Offset surface to select middle of sheet?

I have a curved sheet that I would like to unroll but for it to be most accurate I need to unroll from the ‘center’ of the sheet. The sheet is 1/4" so I need to offset it by 1/8" but I’m not sure how to do that. Is there something I can do to select the middle of the sheet once in the Unrollsrf command? Or do I have to do some other work around before unrolling? Thanks in advance!

Hi Robyn - OffsetSrf (Solid=No) should do it. If the input is a solid, use ExtractSrf to get at the side you want to offset and just offset that surface - does that make sense with what you have?


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Hi Pascal, thanks so much! OffsetSrf is what I needed, and I got it to work. Thanks again!