[Solved] Splitting curves while retaining data structure


I need some clarification about the the ordering of data in grasshopper. I have two lists, one of offset curves of variable distance and another set of curves that will split the offset curves. The offset curves are organized in this manner:

{0;0;3;0;0} (1)
{0;0;3;0;1} (1)

{0;0;3;0;5} (1)

{0;0;35;0;5} (1)

whereby the third integer is particular plane and the fifth integer is an offset distance. Each branch holds one curve, and the curves may overlap each other (ie the offset distance can be the same). The curves to split the offset curves are organized like so:

{0;0;3;0;0} (3)
{0;0;4;0;0} (3)

{0;0;35;0;0} (3)

whereby the third integer is the same plane as the offset curve and each branch holds three splitting curves.

Using the MCX component (multi-curve intersect) I can only get one set of intersections when I input both lists, so {0;0;3;0;0} (3) runs only with {0;0;3;0;0} (1) and ignores {0;0;3;0;1 to 5} (1).

How do I trim/graft these lists so all splitting curves in {0;0;x;0;0} (3) intersect with {0;0;x;0;0 to 5} (1)?

Attached is image showing current organization


Attached is solution:

For each plane, the number of offsets (n, in this case n=6) remains the same, and I got this number by measuring list length of the number of offsets.

From there I duplicated the original list of splitting curves n times (original list had 3 items, so 3 items duplicated 6 times equals 18 items)

I partitioned the new trimmed list of splitting curves into chunks with size equal to the original length of the list of splitting curves (new list has 18 items and the original list had 3 items, so there are 6 new lists that correspond to the 6 offset distances).

This partitioned list is fed into MCX with the offset curves and 72 intersections are found as anticipated.

Attached is image: