(SOLVED) Same part exports at different file sizes?

I have a Master Parts File which contains all of my parts for a project…

When I export a part from the Master Parts File, the file size is 30 MB.
If I export the exact same part from a brand new file, the file size is around 625kb.

Both files have the same material, size, etc.

Any ideas as to why this could be happening?

I’ll hazard a guess that you have some bigger textures in the master file and that they’re ALL getting exported with each part (which is a bug). Just a guess, but I’ve seen similar things happen.


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I’ll put money on Mitch’s guess. Make a copy of your master parts file, purge->materials yes. Export a part, see if that helps.

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Might also run TestPurgeBitmapTable as well… --Mitch

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Thank you both…these suggestions helped to fix the issue in addition to the solution below…

After speaking with Rhino tech support, i was told that it is a bug and the number of material multiplies to such degree it is overwhelming. Removing all the plugin data will solve this:

SOLUTION: type “-Export” (MUST use the dash) into the command line; SavePluginData=No…this shrunk the files from 30 MB to under 1 MB!

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