Solved .obj exported models crashes Zbrush

.obj files exported from the WIP crushes Zbrush,
I have tried different settings but without success.
below are my current setting that makes the most sense to me
does the .OBJ works in other softwares…?
this pipe line [Rhino to Zbrush] is crucial for my work.

thanks a lot


I exported a torus to obj and imported successfully into Blender…

No wrapping of long lines, no ngons, rhino object names as OBJ groups, unmodified (no vertex welding). (70.4 KB)

thanks Nathan
Your torus opens on Zbrush without a problem. But here even a simple box created in the WIP & exported with the setting you have suggested crushes Zbrush.

could this be something in my WIP’s copy? exporting .obj from V5.5 is fine,


Exported box, sphere, cone, torus, and tube from RhinoWip and imported into ZBrush - all without any problems (used settings from your screen captures above).

Rhino 6 for Mac WIP build 6.10.18248.08016

ZBrush 2018.1


I recommend you to upload your obj file. Even a simple box will help. (1.1 KB)
thanks a lot

There are some weird characters. Under formatting choose Windows line endings. Also ensure no wrapping of long lines.

Yes, Solved!
it was the of end of line character changing the setting in formatting from Mac to Window that fixed it.

thanks a lot.

Having “wrap long lines” checked by default really is a mistake – maybe you could give @tim another nudge.
I have not yet encountered a single mesh modeller which could chew files with this parameter checked.

Setting default for line wrapping to off. See to track progress.


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@tim, while you are at it, I think the default for lineendings should be Windows, even on the Mac.

Hi @nathanletwory,

That is how it is already (CRLF). There is no platform specific code to do anything different for the Mac concerning line endings. See the EolType property in src4\rhino4\Plug-ins\Export_OBJ\ExportOBJPlugIn.cs. If you’re seeing something different let me know and I can look into it.


@tim ok, I probably remembered wrong. I see now that the windows line-endings are indeed the default. And I see that wrapping of long lines is no longer checked by default. Awesome! :slight_smile:

yes the default is the window, but then perhaps removing the Mac options there or adding a tip for Mac user to use the Window option would help the uninitiated users…? as my common sense was to go for the Mac option on a Mac computer.

thanks a lot