[SOLVED] - Layout - Manual Projection Direction

Good Day Dear Rhino-Professionals,

Probably I am just missing one simple command, but i can’t quite figure out how to create a tilted detail in a layout.

Lets say I want a Layout of the Pipe I attached Tilted_Ring.3dm (51.5 KB). And I want the detail to be projected orthogonal to the opening of the pipe, just like the viewport “Test2” i created, so i can give instructions on radius and in which angle something has to be attached
. How do i get this direction of view into my Layout-Detail? All I can choose from in the “add detail” command is “Projection=Top/Bottom/Left/Right/Front/Back/Perspective”. There has to be a way to take the Projection I created with my CPlane, am I right?

Sorry to create a Topic with such a bagatelle, but all tutorials and requests i could finde were about the general creation of Layouts with all kind of options - but nowhere this exact Detail was covered.

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Hello - you can make the detail active and change the view in the same way(s) you would in the modeling views. One way you’d create a custom CPlane on the location and orientation that you want to look at, set that CPlane in the detail and use the Plan command to orient the view,


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So simple, yet i did not see it. Thank you for your help, it worked out perfectly fine!

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