(Solved) GetPointDynamicDrawFunc wrong drawing if rotating


Hello i m new to Rhino scripting and have implement a DynamicDrawFunc to show a preview of my objects.

I am scaling some objects based of a start and a endpoint and if the endpoint is over the startpoint i rotate the objects about 180 degree.

Here my python code:

def GetPointDynamicDrawFunc(sender, args):
                global _afassung
                _afassung = TransformBrep(_afassung, _aDurchmesser ,_startpoint, args.CurrentPoint)
                brilliant = _afassung[0]
                afassung = _afassung[1]
                body = afassung[0]
                krappen = afassung[1]
                krappen_oben = afassung[2]
                alles = []

                vector_direction = Rhino.Geometry.Vector3d(0, 1, 0)
                for i in krappen:
                for i in krappen_oben:
                for i in brilliant:
                for i in alles:
                    i.Rotate(_rotation * math.pi / 180, vector_direction, _startpoint)
                    args.Display.DrawBrepWires(i, Color.Yellow)

but only own view get rotated but all views get updated scales

some idee whats going wrong?

(Dale Fugier) #2

Hi Felix,

In order for us to be more helpful, you might want upload your entire working script. You can upload files in the Discourse editor by picking the up-arrow (upload) icon.

Also here is a python script that implements dynamic transformation drawing that might help you:


– Dale


Thanks for your reply.

I allready found this example and the basic transformation and DynamicDraw is working. Scaling is working, only the rotating if z is positiv isnt working correct.

i will add my working script.NeuFassungKrappen_cmd.py.back.py (18.8 KB)

The commandline options are german but the default settings are fine for testing.

(Dale Fugier) #4

Hi Felix,

Transformations are best applied once. To do this, you will need to multiple transformations together.

For example:

xform_rotation = Rhino.Geometry.Transform.PlaneToPlane(plane0, plane1)
xform_scale = Rhino.Geometry.Transform.Scale(plane1, length, length, length)
xform_final = xform_scale * xform_rotation


saddly this was not the problem but good to know.

I have found the solution in my def TransformBrep. I changed this:

def TransformBrep(fassung, durchmesser, startpoint, endpoint):
    brilliant = fassung[0]
    afassung = fassung[1]
    body = afassung[0]
    krappen = afassung[1]
    krappen_oben = afassung[2]

to this:

def TransformBrep(fassung, durchmesser, startpoint, endpoint):
    brilliant = deepcopy(fassung[0])
    afassung = fassung[1]
    body = afassung[0].DuplicateBrep()
    krappen = deepcopy(afassung[1])
    krappen_oben = deepcopy(afassung[2])

there muss be some reference been saved and not updated correctly if i not copy all breps bevor transform them.

Thankyou for helping