[Solved] FlexHopper Load Error


Just installed FlexHopper and when GH is launching it shows the following error:

Any ideas?

You (probably) have two identical gha files somewhere under the path …Grasshopper\Libraries.

I installed FlexHopper without any problem.

// Rolf

sorry I couldn’t get a working fix over night. I will work on this asap. For today’s workshop I sugget you stick to FlexHopper1.0.1 It should give you most of the functionality. I’ll try to explain things for both versions, as some of my students here have the same problem.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Pennjamin on Fri, 25/05/2018

Apparently it is a known bug, I installed the previous version and it worked.

Ah yes, I have inly 1.0.1 installed so the problem didn’t exist in that version.

// Rolf