Solved: filling closed shapes with offset curves - Thanks Clipper!

Hey pros,
I am trying to offset a closed curve until it is filled in. I have hit a bug I can’t see. I commented the script so it should expain the process. if anyone feels like taking a look, I would really appreciate it.

The errors I see it that I pass an ID that can not be converted to a curve. I looked to see if I deleted a curve that was added to the list that gets passed back into the loop, but I can find anywhere that happens. I am stumped. rs.IsObject() doesn’t seem to catch it?

The problem is to offset the closed curve and capture all possible “islands” that can happen. Otherwise it’s an easy recursive loop. I found if it offset from multiple locations around he curve I will find the islands. Try for a result that looks like this. Loops through multiple starting curves.

thanks folks - Guy

Offset Fill Closed (5.4 KB)

nevermind, using the gh clipper component is 1000x more simple.

Clipper Offset (1.3 KB)

thanks to Arend van Waart for getting this great library to gh. here