[SOLVED] Best way to "explode" surfaces to curves?

I have several models, each of which contain a number of planar surfaces to be used as patterns for waterjet-cutting. The waterjet guys don’t want surfaces; they want simple curves. What’s the best way to “explode” all of the selected surfaces into their edge curves?

From searches of the Forums, as well as Google, it appears not to have a simple explanation. Thanks, in advance, for your help.

I use grasshopper to get Brep Edges (inside and outside), which can then be; joined, optimized, on proper layers, numbered and whatnot, before returning to Rhino to be exported to dwg.

Hello- use DupBorder for this.



Dear Lord, is this command new?
For years I’ve been using _ExtractWireframe and cleaning up the isocurves. :scream_cat:

It’s pretty old. There is also dupedge, dupefaceborder, dupmeshedge, ect.

Thanks to you all for your help!

If those are simply planar surfaces, why you don’t use _Make2D? orther option could be projecting a line which cross all the objetcs from the front view for exaplme ( if your image is in top view) and get similar results ( closed planar curves)