Solve for missing variables (expressions/functions)

I’m hoping to get a script working that can solve for whichever variable is missing in an equation:
x + y = z
x = 5
z = 2
y = ?

Where if I unplug the given value for one variable and provide it into a new slot (x = ?, z = 2, y = 7), I can automatically output the missing x variable value.

I found this but believe that would require loading up SymPy, which is a process I’m not familiar with. I could dig into that, but am I missing something native to in Grasshopper that can do this?

I would say no. For a general equation, you may use the Galapagos as a heuristic solver, but the result is not guaranteed nor accurate.

well, test for which variable is missing, then feed it to the algebraic form of the equipment; i.e., if y is missing, then y=z-x. if z is missing, x=z-y ; etc

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You can do something like that


Thanks @seghierkhaled, this is more or less what I was looking for. Guess I’ll have to do the algebra on my end, but only once per variable as opposed to every time.

Solve transcendental equations sin(x)+y = cos(x), tan(x+y) = 1 over [1, 2π], using simulated annealing:

20200106 (21.3 KB)

The accuracy is not very bad with a deviation of about 0.07%.

If you want solve complex equation use special softwares or websites
and you can with grasshopper but some equations need a long time with solvers