Solution for Trimmed Surface Fragmentation? (for blendsrf)

Hey everyone, I’ve trimmed a rectangular surface with circles. Now, I’m trying to connect it to the circles below using blendsrf. However, after trimming, some edges got fragmented. I used ctrl+shift to select and join these fragments so blendsrf would work, but it resulted in complex geometry compared to the unbroken edges. How do I resolve this fragmentation issue and maintain a simpler surface?
(merge edge doesn’t work in this case)

broken edges.3dm (783.1 KB)

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There are two large flat surfaces which coincide. One has holes with unjoined edges, the other has holes with joined edges.

How did you create the holes?

I obtained a hole with a single edge by:
Untrim the hole.
Trim using the circle with ApparentIntersection=Yes.


I trimmed the surface with basic circles created with the circle command. I’ve been encountering this issue from time to time: editing surfaces with simple geometry but the surface still split into too many fragments. So it would be helpful to figure out how to fix it, if possible.

Considering you’re blending into a planar surface. I would revolve the pillars then trim.

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thanks, I’ll try that :grinning:

This is the correct method. Using a blend curve and then revolve it along the vertical axis of the circle.

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