Solidworks Open/Import Unit Control

While using Rhino 6 to open our engineers’ Solidworks models, the model always defaults to millimeters. Luckily it’s in the correct real-world scale and is easy to adjust, but is this configurable so it doesn’t need to be set each time?

I have my default template set to inches and new files consistently open as such. Other Open/Import dialogues give options, but the Solidworks settings are very limited.

Our engineers also work in Inches, so I’m not sure what’s causing the change.



Using Open will attempt to read the units from the file being opened and set the Rhino file to those units. In the case of Solidworks, I suppose that information is in the file and readable by Rhino, but I’m not certain… If Rhino can’t read the units it will use mm as default IIRC.

On the other hand, using Import, Rhino will keep the current open file units (even if the file is blank). It will still attempt to read the units of the file being imported - if it detects them and if the imported file units are different from the current file units, it will then scale the imported model accordingly.

(at least that’s how I understand it works)